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Amateur Radio About AMPRnet Amateur Radio Stations heard via ISS Amateur Radio Stations heard via PCSat Amateur Radio Web Pages (many links) Amateur Satellite FAQ Amateur Packet Radio, net 44, and AMPR.ORG ARES/RACES Oregon Packet Information A Wireless Internet Bill Vodall's Home Page dB, dBi, and dBd Ham Radio Home Page for the Digital Ham Radio Operator Ham Radio in the 21st Century Ham Radio Resource Guide Heaven's Above Satellite Ephemeris Introduction to Packet Radio Lincoln Amaterur Radio Club - Packet Manual Mac Ham Radio Macintosh amateur radio software N5VDA's Packet Page Northwest APRS Oregon Bandplans Oregon Statewide Packet Radio Information PCsat Website PSK Homepage QSL.NET* Stations Matching * Stations Near 44 -123 The IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) Tucson Amateur Packet Radio US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations W0HJU Homepage, picture gallery WB2VVV - Ham Radio
Anisoptera California Damselflies California Dragonflies Dragonflies and Damselflies
Art Museum Quality Paintings, Custom Paintings from Photos Free small-size artwork View and purchase high-quality reproductions of famous art pieces The cave of Lascaux
Art - Cartoons Karl F. Wimer
Astronomy Astronomical Calculator Astronomical Calendar Astronomical Glossary - Harvard Astronomical Glossary - JPL Astronomy-guide Astronomical Images Astrophysics Data System Binary Star Combined Solution Package Colliding Galaxies Dark Matter Doppler Velocity Curves of Planets FITS Library Package Hubble Pictures of M51 Hubble Pictures of the Eagle Nebula Hubble Picture Gallery Interferometry gossip MIIPS (Multipurpose Interactive Image Processing System) NASA Pictures of the Planets N-body Galaxy Formation Research SAOimage (Enhanced version) Science with the ADOPT system on Mt. Wilson Searchable Bright Star Catalogue SIMBAD Astronomical Database Space Weather Space Telescope Science Institute Newsletter Sungrazing comets Time Time and Date Views of Earth from space ('The Good Earth' show)
Audio and Sound Audio Software for Macintosh Linux MIDI & Sound Applications mp3 players for Macintosh Music Software For Linux Silent Way's Computer Audio Interface Guide (Firewire and USB)
Automotive The Practical Guide to Van Ownership Truck Fuel Efficiency Guide


Backpacking, Hiking, Mountaineering Orizaba, Ixtaccihuatl
Biology - Arachnids (Spiders, Ticks, and allies) Spiders, Ticks, allies (Class Arachnida)
Biology - Birds Your guide to birds and birding in the Pacific Northwest since 1994. We Love Birds
Biology - Classification Taxonomy Browser
Biology - Evolution Lysenkoism
Biology - Human Anatomy Eye Anatomy and Eye Sight Complications
Biology - Spiders Spiderz Rule!
Books Multiple Book Price Comparison New & Used Books
Botany Cook's Carnivorous Plants Dicots Classified by Families - Cronquist System Doctor Optimara: Pests Pathogens and Cultural Problems Edible Landscaping The International Plant Names Index Nature Photography of Plants NewCROP HomePage Oregon Flora Image Project Plant Identification Sarracenia Northwest


Censorship Music Censorship in America WikiLeaks - We help you safely get the truth out
Chemistry Density of gases lighter than air
Computers DVD Formats Purchasing Specs Technical Support
Computers - Architecture Endian
Computers - email Gmail
Computers - Hardware IDE FAQ
Computers - Networking How to find your MAC address
Computers - Operating Systems: BSD OpenBSD - DNS
Computers - Operating Systems: Linux Armoring Linux Broadband Expert Clocks and Time Home Automation - Linux and BSD How to Install Red Hat 7 Information on Time and Frequency Services IP Masquerading ISDN Josh's GNU/Linux Guide Linux Networking Linux on Laptops Linux on Laptops Linuxnewbie, Intel Based Software Linux PPP OpenSSH1, OpenSSH2 and Public Key Authentication on Linux POP3 and IMAP Rotz - Free Linux CD Offer RPM repository rpm2html : a generator of Web pages for RPM packages Sendmail security SSH Guide SSH Keys and Agents Useful Information Wine Development HQ
Computers - Operating Systems: Mac OS MacTCP notes
Computers - Operating Systems: OpenVMS OpenVMS OpenVMS OpenVMS Hobbyist Support Page
Computers - Operating Systems: Windows Free Software & Games for Windows
Computers - PDAs PDA Parts
Consumer - Dangers and Safety Consumer Dangers and Safety Homeowners Guide to Lightning Safety ADT Guide to Natural Disaster Preparedness Preparing for disasters in Your Home: What to Buy; What to Skip Emergency Preparedness and Pets Important Legal Documents for Emergency Preparedess Emergency Preparedness for Seniors How to Organize and Prepare for Disasters
Consumer Reports PDA Parts


Dictionaries Merriam-Webster OnLine Rhyming Dictionary - Merriam-Webster
Donald Gudehus Donald at GSU Donald at Parfait Ole' Donald's Compositions Donald's Family Tree
Drugs Comprehensive Database of Medications and Devices Personal Survivor Stories


Education College Degrees Online Guide to Online Fire Science Degree Online Fire Science Degree Programs Social Work Degree Guide
Education - Technology FIRST Competition
Electronics Batteries for digital cameras DIY VCR Parts Catalog Electronics News Helful guidance for your electronic projects Parts Store
Entomology Beetles Bumble Bees of the Western United States Butterflies and Moths - Butterflies and Moths, Larvae and Adults Damselflies Digital Dragonflies Dragonflies Flies Insects Insects ITIS - Integrated Taxonomic Information System North American Butterfly Association What's that bug?
Environment Living in Harmony with Nature The Xerces Society - For Invertebrate Conservation


Finance MarketWatch - Insiders Quotes from Schwab Quotes from Yahoo! ZDII Inter@ctive Investor
Fire Safety (courtesy of Lisa Gonzalez) Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes Fire Safety for Kids: Sparky the Fire Dog Open Campfire Safety Rules How to Prepare for a Wildfire Driving to Safety: The Car Owner’s Guide to Emergency Evacuation Survive the Unthinkable if Wildfire Threatens Your Home Home Fire Safety for Older Adults Fireplace and Chimney Problems, Tips & Prevention Burn Prevention and Fire Safety Tips Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Repair - Average Costs Burns: First Aid for Pets


Gardening Date of last/first frost
Genealogy Advanced Background Checks Background Checks Author Timeline Cemetery Junction Cemetery Records Online Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites;lang=en David Schmidt's database Ellis Island Records Family Search Find a Grave GedBas 1900 Census Geanealogy Mailing Lists Geanealogy Trips German Genealogical Group Gudehus Family Tree Harford Co. Place Names Heritage Quest Hilfe bei Genealogie Immigrant Genealogical Society (IGS) Intellius People Search Italian Genealogy for New York Name Search (NJ) New Jersey Cemetery Search Notable Kin PeekYou People Search People Search (no street addresses, but further back in time) People Search (includes street addresses) Personal Search Place Names RootsWeb: NJ-L Archive RootsWeb: Searchable Indexes Searchable data bases for obituaries Social Security Death Index Surname Finder SurnameWeb Whitepages Veromi - Find Person
Genetics The Genetics of Human Eye Color
Geography Google Maps
Geology Current World Seismicity Recent Earthquakes in the US
GPS GPS Receiver Information Magnetic Declination Magnetic Deviation Map and compass skills for hikers and cyclists
Graphic and Video Software ActionScript Guide and Resources MP3 Converters Open SWF


Health/Safety Classifications of Drugs and Help with Treatments Comprehensive Database of Medications and Devices Comprehensive Resource for Information about Faulty Medical Devices, FDA Alerts, and any other Information about Dangerous Consumer Products Dealing with PTSD Guide on "Ready to Quit Smoking" A guide for recovery from substance abuse Learn about mesothelioma Alcohol And Drug Rehab For Veterans The Relationship Between Sleep and Addictions Alcohol And Drug Rehab For Veterans
History Born Today Chiastic Quotes (ex. February 18-24, 2001, with biographies)
http:/// History Timelines and Articles Timelines of History
Humor Comics Kingdom The Onion The Yes Men


Image Processing and Imaging Brian Hall: ColorServe Enhanced SAOimage FITS Library Package Graphics and animation Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing Image Processing Linux Magazine | March 2000 | FEATURES | Graphics Grab Bag Managing Colors in Corel MIIPS Parfait Image Panoramic Images Photoshop tips Scanning Software TIFF Software Visualization Group at LBNL
Interesting Personal Websites Dave Touretzky
Internet Class C Networks - Block 192.245 Find out your computer's IP address -- Internet tip -- What's your IP address? Is it a dynamic or static address? What is an IP address anyway? Masquerading - Windows 2000 robots.txt Syntax Checker Calculators, Geektels, RFCs, Software, Spam Tools, Traceroute, Whois






Language - General German Language
Language - Translation Babel Fish Tanslation
Legal - Copyright Internet Hall of Shame
Legal - Government Abuse: Steve Jackson Games Steve Jackson Games vs. Secret Service Case Archive
Legal - Reporting Abuse
http://Whistleblower Info A whistleblower claim may be brought gainst ny type of business or organization
Lepidoptera Biologica Centrali-Americana, Godman and Salvin, 1879 - 1901. Butterflies of Oregon Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona Butterfly species numbers and Classification Interactive Listing of Mexican Buterflies Latin American Butterfly Field Guides Lepidoptera and other insect macrophography Lepidoptera Resources Lepidoptera Types of the Royal Museum for Central Africa Moth Photographers Group North American Butterfly Association SE Arizona Butterflies UK Butterflies - Pronunciation


Machining Online Machine Shop
Mail Gmail MAPS Realtime Blackhole List Springmail
Mathematics Topics in Statistical Data Analysis
Mechanical Engineering Metric Fine Thread Data
Medicine Comprehensive Database of Medications and Devices Eye Anatomy and Eye Sight Complications
Movies All Movie Guide Real Movies The Internet Movie Database
Music abcMIDI Package About QuickTime and Mp3 AudioFind Gnutella Network Search - mp3,asf,mpg,mov,mpeg,divx Charles Belov's Netscape MIDI Embed Tips Classical Midi Connection Classical Music Archives Free MP3 and MIDI Music GNU Lilypond Music Typesetting GNU Lilypond-user Archives Laura's MIDI Heaven Lilypond Documentation Parfait Ole' Melody Search Engine The Linux MIDI-HOWTO Theodore Norman Memorial Web Site
Music - Musicians Ginamaria Hidalgo Linda Love, Pianist


News and Newspapers BBS News Boston Globe Los Angeles Times Mother Jones Interactive The New York Times on the Web - News Front




Patents US Patent & Trademark Office - Quick Search
Philosophy Tao Te Ching Translations
Photography Canon Flash Photography Chris VenHaus Homepage and_Services/Photography/Digital/Labs/ Links Online Photography Colleges Parfait Image - A Resource for Nature Photography, Image Processing, and Imaging Techniques Ray Bruun Photography Ryan Photographic - Nature Images from Around the World
Photography - Cameras Camera Cleaning Tools Cleaning Digital Cameras
Physics Powers of Ten van der Waals Forces
Plumbing PVC Pipe Sizes
Poetry Poems
Politics Neighbor Search Radio Liberty Newletter, Nov., 2000;sid=2001/3/17/202127/270 US Gov't Scientist Fired for Web Post
Printing Inkjet Printer Hints
Programming An interactive introduction to HTML and CGI scripts on the WWW (Build your business website) A full list of HTML elements and is interactive allowing for filtering/sorting by category or alphabetically, or simply scroll to browse. Beyond Rollovers Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Comprehensive guide to .htaccess HTML and cgi Hints HTML For Beginners htmlgoodies Matt's Script Archive PC Guide to html PGI IA-32 Compilers and Tools Pre-processing URL-encoded CGI input The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: C and C++ The Wine Knowledgebase
Pseudoscience James Randi Educational Foundation Skeptic Tank.ORG Urban Legends


Quotations Aphorisms and quotations about religion and morality A Quorum of Quotes Bartlett's Quotations Chinese Sayings and Proverbs City of Santa Clarita, CA Donald's Quotations Eternal Vigalance is the Price of Liberty Inspirational Quotes Laws Mary Van Sell's Quotation Collection Mathematical Quotation Server Morgan Lewis's Quotations Murphy's Laws and Corollaries Political Quotes Positive Atheism's Big List of Scary Quotations Quotations Quotations (Collected by Dmitry A. Dimma) Quotations about religion Quote Directory at Quotes


Recycling Recycling old vaping equipment
Rhymes Rhyme Zone Rhyming Dictionary - Merriam-Webster


Search Geometry, the online learning center Google Melody Search Pagerank Explaned Search Engine Watch Search Engine Tips Web Search Engines FAQS: Questions, Answers, and Issues
Security Web Detective Home Security System Reviews
Social Services Directory of grants for single mothers
Software Driver Files Macintosh GPS Software Sample Code Secure Shell The Device Driver Discussion Forum


Telephony Telephone rf Interference
3D 3D Fun 3D Software Resource Guide Lenticular Prints Lenticular Tutorials Molecule animation software: xyz2rgb
Travel Smoke Free World
Typesetting Typesetting Glossary




Video Scan Converter Buyers' Guide


Weather Air Quality Index for Lane County, OR Climate for Lane County, OR The Cloud Appreciation Society Weather Underground
Web Abuse reporting Doorway Pages DSL Questions Global Internet Statistics Internet Traffic Report Learn About Domains & HTML Nielson Net Ratings Web Tools by Peter Forret
(Note: this is an excellent resource) Website Analysis
Web Cams Highway 101 NuSpectra Oregon Road Cams Oregon Road Conditions View of Our Backyard
Wine Bischoffingen - Wine from the Kaiserstuhl


X-10 BlueLava: A cgi interface for X10 CM11A Heyu Home Page HomeTech X-10 FAQ General Information MisterHouse NewsForge Ppower Scott Crevier's Home Automation: X-10 Web Interface X10 Ideas Xtend: The X10 to UNIX controller


Zoology Photography of Birds Photography of Mammals Photography of Reptiles and Amphibians