Lyrics for "The Way It Used To Be"

Last night I dreamed of you the way it used to be,
pleasant times, tender words, and loving joyfully.
The things we used to do together every day,
how they seemed to never end, we loved it so.

But time plays such a game, the winners they are few;
years go by people change and love can turn away.
And though we wish it not, it happens anyway;
like some cloud flying high we had our day.

Then last night I saw you in a vision, you were by my side.
And I reached to touch your soft hand once more,
with mine, tenderly,
just one more time. Oh, oh.

Remember yesterday the way it used to be,
youthful dreams, dandy schemes, we tried to make them be.
But as our love unfurled we each saw different worlds,
though we cared though we shared,
love ceased to be.

But now in reverie I speak to you this way;
just remember what you had no one can take away.
The sun may cease to shine, the stars they may go out;
but never will I forget that we were fine,
we were fine.

© 1979 Donald H. Gudehus
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The Way It USed To Be

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